Louis Silverstein – CV 2019

Louis Silverstein is a self taught Computer Scientist and VFX Expert, with 20+ Years in Film Production and VFX.

His credits date back as April 2000 when at 13 years old he had a CGI work published in the international magazine Computer Arts. In subsequent years he earned tens of accolades and awards from the Scholastic Art Society as well as secured sponsorship from Silicon Graphics (SGI), IFX, Autodesk, and Immersion Corporation.

Louis studied film at USC Film in the summers while still in high school and worked full time at Cadrender (an architectural visualization firm in Wilmington Delaware), prior to studying Film and Psychology at Bard College where he earned his BA.

Upon graduation Louis moved to Los Angeles and worked internships at Marvel Studios, Endgame Ent, and The Institute. At this time he was also maintaining a freelance career doing VFX work for commercial campaigns for Visine, Mattel, and Verizon, Television Shows including, Body Of Proof, The Big C, and numerous other shows, as well as all of the CGI and VFX work for the successful Kick-starter Campaign for Doorbot (Amazon Ring). Louis also worked at Digital Domain doing script supervising work for the Playa Vista Motion Capture Stage, then moved on to doing Motion Capture Processing work for video game, commercial, and motion picture projects.

In early 2014 Louis and his brother, Nolan Silverstein started the undertaking of building a WebTV Broadcast facility and Technology Development Lab. DromeBox Labs was built in the latter half of 2014 leading up to the first broadcast on January 1st 2015 of DromeBox.com.

Louis and Nolan’s DromeBox Labs is Live-To-Air webTV facility. Louis and Nolan also started ModCon IP, an AR/VR Startup with patent pending tech for Modular Content.

Louis is also the Co-Founder and Lead Engineer at Aerial Tracking Systems. And is an adjunct professor at USC Viterbi. His current projects include, The Mobile Broadcast Studio (BananaCaster), Project: Archer for ATS, Bespoke Booth, and INU.